Fairly uneventful week. It started off with a relaxing few days at home. Mostly dog walking and spending time with the fam. Then back to London Back to work. Back to the grind. Fairly standard week. In complete contract to right now, as I am writing this blog post. I am just a few days… Continue reading


Rollercoaster of a week this one… It started like any other. Jam packed with work Then we said goodbye to Sandy. She’s going back home to Indonesia :(. What better send off than overpriced mini golf and cocktails before ending up at Duck & Waffle at 3am?! Then the week took a rather shitty turn…. Continue reading


New toys to play with this week! Thought I’d give my new Nikon F100 a whirl this week alongside my equally new Zenitar 16mm fisheye. As you will be able to see from the images I captured this week – I’m still getting used to this new kit. The lens especially, who’s manual focussing clearly… Continue reading


Here’s a fun one. It started off with visit to somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a while – to get a proper haircut. Jake at Ruffians was great and gave me one of the best haircuts I think I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely be back! Then it’s time to continue the mammoth task of… Continue reading


Hey ho. Time to fly home from Prague. It’s been ¬†chill week. Then a long overdue trip to the dentists. I hate that place. Then time to pick the dog up from her own little holiday. I think she’s happy to be home too. Then back to London. Back to the grind. Back to the… Continue reading


HOLIDAY WEEK Not much to write here. Just a nice week off in Prague with the fam. Great city – would highly recommend. Camera: Leica Mini ii Film: Portra 400


Here we go again. Firstly – a regular ritual of mine. Let’s get some film off to the lab. My lab of choice for the last year or so has been AG Photolab. I love these guys speedy mail order service and great pricing to match. I’ve sent hundreds of rolls of film through these… Continue reading


Nuther week yo.   It kicks off at work (for a change) via Five Guys. Then a big day! My final stage interview for my job in Canada over in Kensington. It felt like it went pretty well but it’ll be a few weeks until I find out there result. The next 2 years of… Continue reading


APPOLOGIES FOR THIS WEEK. It’s a naff one. I spent my whole week working 12 hour days at work doing some training so not a lot of time to shoot outside of that. I did manage to squeeze in a few fun things but otherwise – this is just a week of photos of my… Continue reading


This week features a king sized platter of work, with the occasional side serving of fun times. It rained. A lot Despite the wet weather, I managed to squeeze in a nice day off in London with Ellie. We drank fancy Starbucks (with table service?!) and went to the British Museum¬†(first time for me). Then… Continue reading