Nuther week yo.   It kicks off at work (for a change) via Five Guys. Then a big day! My final stage interview for my job in Canada over in Kensington. It felt like it went pretty well but it’ll be a few weeks until I find out there result. The next 2 years of… Continue reading


APPOLOGIES FOR THIS WEEK. It’s a naff one. I spent my whole week working 12 hour days at work doing some training so not a lot of time to shoot outside of that. I did manage to squeeze in a few fun things but otherwise – this is just a week of photos of my… Continue reading


This week features a king sized platter of work, with the occasional side serving of fun times. It rained. A lot Despite the wet weather, I managed to squeeze in a nice day off in London with Ellie. We drank fancy Starbucks (with table service?!) and went to the British Museum (first time for me). Then… Continue reading


Jam packed. Under shot. Story of my life. This week kicked off with a few meetings for an exciting shoot we’ve got coming up on Sunday. This place look familiar? I’ve got my productive outlook back lately. It feels great. On Tuesday night, we got to join the Science Gallery London team again for the… Continue reading


I love these 7 day work weeks. Oh wait… I don’t really know what to write here. I was just at work. Every day. All day. Here are some of the highlights I guess: Haircut! Back to the gym (finally!) Friday post-work drinks Saturday post-work drinks That is all. I’M JUST HAVING THE WILDEST SUMMER… Continue reading


Jam packed week. Time to head back to London after a very chill weekend. But not before a detour via Sunderland train station. When I came hope on Friday I stupidly left a parcel I was meaning to post on the train (an unlabelled brown package!!!). After collecting it from the lost property office and… Continue reading


Back to black (and white). It begins with 4 more days on the feature film as Crowd 3rd. Shooting in some cool (albeit grotty) party of Stratford that I’d never seen before – despite having lived here for nearly 2 years. That was followed by a quick filler day at work (got to earn that… Continue reading


Graduate Fashion Week continues! What a mental few days it’s been. We produced a metric tonne of content and had a blast. This was a real logistical challenge for many reasons and we learned a lot. Definitely a fun one. Then after a well deserved day of rest (and sleep), it’s back to work. Story… Continue reading


I started playing Jelly Splash again this week. It’s been a while. Work work – you know what this looks like by now. THEN THE WEEKEND – The start of a big week to come. We’re covering Graduate Fashion Week this week (and next). This is a pretty big one for Rich Tea and it’s… Continue reading


A nice week. It started off with a nice Rich Tea job. We were covering Clerkenwell Design week for Milliken Floors (hear me out – it was more exciting than it sounds!). We did a few things we’ve never done before and we made some great content over three long days. I like jobs like… Continue reading